On Thursday 19/11, our BrainSTEM group compromising of four Year 10 students – Alexandra, Amelia, Georgia and Stephanie – presented our final project in an online showcase with other schools. Over the course of 12 weeks we had worked together with  our mentor (UNSW astrobiologist) Bonnie Teece, the program creator Sid Verma and Ms Price in order to design and create a 3D printed research base on Titan (one of Saturn’s moons). This program was very enlightening and insightful for our whole group as it gave us an opportunity to work with scientists to create a project we wanted to further research. Throughout this program we learned many new things about science and advancements in astro science that are not taught in a school environment. 

BrainSTEM has given us the amazing opportunity to create a project of our choosing. Our selected project was designing a Research Facility on Titan. Through combining our names, we have named the base Astelia and our team TROUBLE which stands for Titan Researchers Officially Undertaking Bizarre Life Exploration. The purpose of the base is to study for signs of life on the moon Titan and study the differences in Titan’s atmosphere and hydrocarbon soil compared to Earth. 

Throughout the project we used design thinking to derive our research idea. We used creativity and problem solving skills to develop our project. We aimed to design a way to 3D print the base on Titan using the hydrocarbon soil that can be found on Titan’s land.
Click the link to watch their presentation:

By Alexandra, Amelia, Georgia and Stephanie