1. How do you feel about your new appointment, and is this your first principalship?

Having had the privilege of being a Principal and an Assistant Principal at “all girls” schools in my previous two schools, l can definitely say that I love girls’ education and the empowerment of girls. I am extremely excited about now moving into another opportunity here at Bethlehem College to work with girls and to encourage them to be the girls and women we need in our world.  

  1. When did you start teaching?

This is my 7th school so I have been teaching for a number of years! I started in a country diocese in co-educational schools and since moving to Sydney in 2008, I have been involved only in girls’ education as is my preference.

  1. What led you to this profession?

I am very committed to Catholic education. Having had a tremendous experience myself throughout my schooling with the Sisters of Mercy, I wanted to share my good experience with others and make my own personal contribution to what I think is a great system of education based on our faith in Jesus.

  1. What are some of your key achievements as a teacher?

I love good change and am not afraid to try new things and do things differently. My biggest achievements are to do with taking on new challenges and to show girls that we need to keep challenging ourselves and not worry about failing or not being perfect. We need to give things a go and “stretch and strive” for that next thing that we believe we can do.

  1. Complete this sentence: Teachers of the future must be …

Teachers of the future must be enthusiastic and energetic. We must love what we do so much that our students can’t help but be as excited about learning as we are. We must also be open to constant change in order to meet the constantly evolving needs of our students.

  1. What is at the top of your wish list for Bethlehem College?

That every girl reaches her potential, no matter what that potential is and that she feels confident and supported by the College and everyone who works here. If nothing else, I hope that I can inspire young women to be leaders in whatever it is they want to do.

  1. How would you describe your leadership style? 

I lead by example and by setting high expectations for staff and students. At the forefront of everything I do is my Faith in Jesus and this is what sets us apart as a Catholic school.

  1. What is your personal mantra?

Give it a go and don’t worry about failing.

  1. What are the books that have most influenced you?

As an English/Religious Education teacher, I am an avid reader and love most genres, so it is too difficult for me to single out one. I read to learn, I read for pleasure and I read to relax.

  1. How do you spend your free time?

  Reading, swimming, walking, going to the opera and watching movies on SBS!