Chiara Pagani

Chiara Pagani

The Archbishop’s Awards acknowledge the commitment to their faith, academic life, community and social justice of one student from each of 50 secondary schools in the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney.

The 2021 awards were presented by Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP during a live video conference for the students, their parents and principals on Friday 3 September.

This year’s Bethlehem Catholic College Ashfield  recipient is Chiara Pagani.

Chiara is a young woman of faith and action. Chiara has a wonderful heart and is always willing to help others. Her commitment to her faith is clearly illustrated not only by her enthusiastic involvement and contribution to the Catholic life of Bethlehem College, but also through a very active participation in her parish and the wider Church community.

She is an active member of her Catholic community, the Neocatechumenal Way. She attends retreats multiple times a year and has participated in public missions in the park, inviting people to listen to the Word of God and gather in morning prayer. She participates in youth groups and attended World Youth Day Panama in 2019. She often gives catechesis and shares her own life story.

Her family was sent ‘on mission’ to Australia from Italy and, along with them, Chiara is devoted to fulfilling this mission of Christ, to spread the word of God.

Chiara received a medallion and certificate of recognition. The medallion is emblazed with the Archbishop’s Coat of Arms and motto.

Chiara’s strong faith and love of Christ is evident through her engagement in parish and school activities.