Feeder Schools

Feeder Schools

From primary school to secondary college, a good Catholic education is for life. Students who follow the Catholic education pathway from Kindergarten to Year 12 experience a sense of continuity in the approaches to teaching and learning.

Primary schools are ‘feeder schools’ into nearby Sydney Catholic Schools’ secondary colleges, where its students are entitled to priority enrolment, along with students from parishes without primary schools.

Bethlehem Catholic College Ashfield gives priority to students attending the following feeder schools:

St Brendan’s Catholic Primary School Annandale
PRINCIPAL: Joanne Bright

A: 30 Collins Street, Annandale, NSW 2038
E: info@stbannandale.catholic.edu.au
P: 02 9519 3974
W: www.stbannandale.catholic.edu.au

St Francis Xavier Catholic School Ashbury
PRINCIPAL: Margaret Morgan

A: 40-44 Forbes Street, Croydon Park, NSW 2133
E: info@stfxashbury.catholic.edu.au
P: 02 9797 9923
W: www.stfxashbury.catholic.edu.au

St Vincent’s Catholic Primary School Ashfield
PRINCIPAL: Antonella Dolores

A: 30-34 Charlotte Street, Ashfield, NSW 2131
E: info@stvashfield.catholic.edu.au
P: 02 9797 6167
W: www.stvashfield.catholic.edu.au

St Michael’s Catholic Primary School Belfield
PRINCIPAL: Sandra Mendonca

A: 24 Margaret Street, Belfield, NSW 2191
E: info@stmbelfield.catholic.edu.au
P: 02 9642 8199
W: www.stmbelfield.catholic.edu.au

St Mel’s Catholic Primary School Campsie
PRINCIPAL: Steve Borthwick

A: 14 Duke Street, Campsie, NSW 2194
E: info@stmcampsie.catholic.edu.au
P: 02 9789 3800
W: www.stmcampsie.catholic.edu.au

St Mary’s Catholic Primary School Concord
PRINCIPAL: Anna Marsella

A: 60 Burton Street, Concord, NSW 2137
E: info@stmconcord.catholic.edu.au
P: 02 9744 0260
W: www.stmconcord.catholic.edu.au

St Ambrose’s Catholic Primary School Concord West
PRINCIPAL: Linda McFadden

A: Stuart Street, Concord West, NSW 2138
E: info@stambconcord.catholic.edu.au
P: 02 9743 5605
W: www.stambconcord.catholic.edu.au

Holy Innocents’ Catholic Primary School Croydon
PRINCIPAL: Debbie Bestulic

A: 86-98 Queen Street, Croydon, NSW 2132
E: info@hicroydon.catholic.edu.au
P: 02 9744 2212
W: www.hicroydon.catholic.edu.au

St Paul of the Cross Catholic Primary School Dulwich Hill
PRINCIPAL: Francis Stewart

A: 14-16 May Street, Dulwich Hill, NSW 2203
E: info@stjenfield.catholic.edu.au
P: 02 9558 5308
W: www.stjenfield.catholic.edu.au

St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School Enfield
PRINCIPAL: Maria Maiorana

A: 126 Liverpool Road, Enfield, NSW 2136
E: info@stjenfield.catholic.edu.au
P: 02 9744 2811
W: www.stjenfield.catholic.edu.au

St Pius’ Catholic Primary School Enmore
PRINCIPAL: Caroline Boulis

A: 209 Edgeware Road, Enmore, NSW 2042
E: info@stpenmore.catholic.edu.au
P: 02 9744 2811
W: www.stpenmore.catholic.edu.au

St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School Mortlake
PRINCIPAL: Amanda Westgate

A: 2 Herbert Street, Mortlake, NSW 2137
E: info@stpmortlake.catholic.edu.au
P: 02 9736 1797
W: www.stpmortlake.catholic.edu.au

Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic Primary School North Strathfield
PRINCIPAL: Cathy Young

A: 1A Hamilton Street East, North Strathfield, NSW 2137
E: info@olanorthstrathfield.catholic.edu.au
P: 02 9764 1842
W: www.olanorthstrathfield.catholic.edu.au

St Michael’s Catholic Primary School Stanmore

PRINCIPAL: Allison Travers

A: Percival Road, Stanmore, NSW 2048
E: info@stmstanmore.catholic.edu.au
P: 02 9569 7479
W: www.stmstanmore.catholic.edu.au

St Martha’s Catholic Primary School Strathfield
PRINCIPAL: Judy Gastin

A: 88 Churchill Avenue, Strathfield, NSW 2135
E: info@stmstrathfield.catholic.edu.au
P: 02 9764 1184
W: www.stmstrathfield.catholic.edu.au

St Anne’s Catholic Primary School Strathfield South

A: St Anne’s Square, Strathfield South, NSW 2136
E: info@stastrathfield.catholic.edu.au
P: 02 9642 6149
W: www.stastrathfield.catholic.edu.au

St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School Summer Hill

A: 9 Drynan Street, Summer Hill, NSW 2130
E: info@stpsummerhill.catholic.edu.au
P: 02 97987478
W: www.stpsummerhill.catholic.edu.au

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